“Miss moving on.” ~Fifth Harmony.

The funny thing about pain is that it dims over time. I’ve had a couple times in my life that I’ve cried on my sisters shoulders because my heart hurt so bad I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel whole again. It isn’t an instant fix. It’s putting one step in front of the other, and choosing to never accept defeat. You’ll always remember the things, and the people that caused this kind of pain, but if you constantly hold on to it you won’t ever heal. 

I don’t know about you, but I throw myself into work when I’m hurt. I’ve been going to the gym, and then clocking in. I’m normally gone for 10 hours at a time. I do this because if I don’t have time then I don’t have to feel. I stopped to think about everything today, and I realized I don’t hurt as much anymore. I really am moving on. My heart surely has scars, but it isn’t broken. 

I’ll probably stay busy because it’s what I do, but I’m going back to what makes me happy. I’m not going to bend over backwards to please anyone anymore. 

“Call me Miss moving on.” ~Fifth Harmony. 


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