I am going to tell you about some of the lies that run through someones head while they are battling anxiety. These lies are not something that you can easily silence. It isn’t something where you can just tell yourself the truth and move on. Why am I telling you this? I think people lose their patience with those struggling with anxiety. They want them to just feel better, and from personal experience we’re trying. We’d love to not feel this way even more than you’d like us not to feel this way. 

  • Lie number one

You are a burden. 

I feel this way all the time. I feel like if I tell people how I feel, or I’m honest that people won’t want to be around me because I’m too much to deal with. I hate this feeling. I hate feeling trapped in my own head because I’m too worried to talk to someone about how I am feeling. 

  • Lie number two

This is never going to get better. 

When something goes wrong in my life I worry it to death. I never see a way out or around it. I just worry that I’m always going to be where I am. I worry that things will never change. I worry that my life is always going to be as messy as it is in that moment. 

I’m giving you a glimpse into my day to day thoughts by showing you those two. I am doing this to ask you to be patient with those around you. Don’t just assume someone is weird, annoying, or not worth your time because you don’t know what they live through on a day to day bases. Don’t make them feel like a burden. 

I challenge you during this season to love people with your whole heart, and to love them loudly. I challenge you to find something great about the people in your life that you struggle to love because there is greatness in everyone. I challenge you to make everyone around you feel accepted; wanted even! People matter and it’s time we start showing it. 


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