Break my heart for what breaks yours.

No matter what church I’ve gone to all I hear is how the people of the church want to change the world, but that’s it…It’s all talk. I didn’t want to be like that, and I decided that if I wanted to change the world then I was going to have to get up, and do something. I wasn’t going to talk it out until I’m blue in the face. I saw a need, and I was going to fill it. 

I have gone to two camps for foster kids as you know, and I’ll leave for the third shortly. I’m a little nervous after the last one because it was a rough week. It isn’t me though because if I was doing this on my own then I might as well throw in the towel now. I won’t get far in my own strength. God has called and appointed me to go, and do this work, but he made no promises that it would be easy. I’m ready for whatever that weekend brings me because I know I’m not alone. 

I just hope that if people see people my age changing the world that they’ll be inspired to stop talking, and join in. You can’t ever be prepared for ministry. You can dot your I’s, and cross your T’s, but in the long run you can’t be prepared for what’s going to happen 100% of the time. 

I can almost guaranty that you’ll be emotional drained when you take on ministry in a hands on way. I cried so many times this summer because this world is so broken. It seems I can’t turn it off. *Wipes tears from cheek.* Feel those emotions fully because they are what will fuel you to keep going on the hard days. 

You’ll also be exhausted. You’ll be more tired than you’ve ever been in your life. Do not neglect yourself. Sleep, eat, hydrate, and refill spiritually. It’s also good to goof off sometimes because laughter is the best medicine. 

Ministry of any kind is not for the weak of heart, but rather for those who have had their heart completely broken by the pain they see in this world. I asked God to break my heart for what broke his at the age of 16, and he answered. It’s why I’m always an emotional mess. It’s also why I have a heart full of compassion. I dare you to ask God to do the same for you. “BREAK MY HEART FOR WHAT BREAKS YOURS!”