Alright so I wanted to take a minute to tell you guys about a clothing brand that I have just fallen in love with. It’s called Lularoe. Lularoe is probably best known for their leggings because they are the softest things you will ever wear, but they also have dresses, shirts, skirts, and kimonos. I own one shirt and two pairs of leggings. I will attach some pictures of my pieces to this blog post, but before I do that let me tell you what I love and don’t love about this brand. 

I LOVE how soft these leggings are! I feel like I’m wearing pajamas to work guys and I love pajamas, so this good! 

I don’t like that the pair of leggings I got for my little sister is slightly see through. If I spend $23 on anything I expect more than it being see through. I do know this is not the norm though because I’ve never had a problem with my leggings being see through. 

I love that I get to wear something that screams my personality. LulaRoe has crazy patterns and some more tame pieces as well so there is something for everyone here! I currently have some navy blue leggings (SOOO SOFT) with polka dots on them. I also have some solid leggings that are sea foam green. (SOOO CUTE) LulaRoe only makes a 1,000 of each pattern though so if you see something you like it’s best you snatch it up right away because you may never see it again. 

I don’t own many of the tops but I do know a couple things from trying on at parties and some good old fashion research on Pinterest. I love the Randy and it tends to be true to size. Here is the thing. I got a small and it is a little baggy but I like that. I could also fit an X-small and be totally content it just depends on how you like to wear your tops. 

I’ve tried on a Irma and my frustration with this top is that it isn’t made for those of us who are on the small size which is very frustrating because some of these tops are super cute. It is recommended to size down 2x for Irma’s. I am 5’1 and about 110-115 pounds and I would have to wear this like a dress. I wish these would fit truer to size because it doesn’t feel fair that I have to miss out on this cuteness! 😉 

I also want to cover ordering from Lularoe. You can’t order from a website and there isn’t a store you can go to. You can’t even look through a catalog for this brand. You have to go through consultants. Most consultants have Facebook parties and pop up boutiques in host’s homes. I’ve ordered both ways. 

How it works. 


You join the party and consultants will post pictures or videos and when you see something you like you just comment sold with a description or a number and possibly an e-mail depending on the consultant. You then fill out a google doc and the consultant will send an invoice to your e-mail. You have 24hrs to pay this or it will go to the next person or back in their inventory. So convenient for those of us who are too busy to go to an in person party.  

In person. 

I loved shopping in person. You get to see all the patterns and colors in person. It’s great! You can also try on things together. I liked knowing that my sea foam green leggings matched with my Randy before purchasing them. I was able to pay by card with this party but I’m not sure how it works with different consultants…Some may prefer cash. When in doubt ask! 🙂 

So yes…I love these clothes. I love that I can feel beautiful all the while dressing modest. I felt like a rock start with all the compliments I was getting on Sunday from wearing my LulaRoe. I also love that people ask me about my leggings. They want to know where I got them and how they get some. I will be posting a link for a LulaRoe consultant that I’ve bought from below. GO check out her page. Ask her any questions I haven’t covered in this review. I’m not a consultant but I love the clothes.